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Nourishing the potential of leaders, so  that we can all flourish into our full aptitude.

Executive Director

Delila’s journey is a testament to resilience and adaptability. From her roots in Ecuador to her endeavors in California, she has embraced diverse experiences and educational opportunities to become a multifaceted professional. Her academic background in Interdisciplinary Studies, Leadership & Organizational Studies, and Hispanic Ministries reflects her commitment to holistic learning and community engagement.

Delila’s career trajectory showcases her dedication to serving various communities, from homeless families to small businesses. Her expertise as a small business consultant at SMG Business Services and her involvement in podcasts like Pa’Lante Comerciante and Cafecito Con… highlight her passion for empowering entrepreneurs, especially immigrants navigating the complexities of the U.S. business landscape.

Her bilingualism and cultural competence are invaluable assets, allowing her to bridge communication gaps and foster understanding across diverse backgrounds. Delila’s leadership roles in organizations like NLBWA IE and the Catholic Association of Latino Leaders underscore her commitment to community leadership and advocacy.

Overall, Delila’s professional journey is a testament to her resilience, cultural competence, and dedication to empowering others in their entrepreneurial endeavors while fostering community connections and inclusivity.

Executive Advisor

Ms. Montoya brings over two decades of expertise in Retail Management, Non-Profit Board Governance, and Financial Services, dedicating her career to empowering and educating the Latino community. Her professional journey began in retail management with prominent companies like Target and AFLAC. In 2003, she transitioned to the Financial Services sector with Wells Fargo, where she developed and launched a comprehensive financial literacy program targeting Latino families and children. This initiative laid the groundwork for a community-focused financial education movement on the East Coast when she moved to Massachusetts.

In 2006, Ms. Montoya joined New York Life, where she excelled in roles from Manager Associate to Account Manager and eventually became a Senior Associate. During her tenure, she played a pivotal role in the company’s Latino Market Corporate initiative, recruiting and developing over 250 Latino sales agents and fostering strong community partnerships. Her leadership extended to educational and outreach programs across various states, culminating in her promotion to Business Development Sales & Retention Manager for the Latino Market in the Pacific Zone.

Ms. Montoya’s commitment to the Latino community continued with Thrivent Financial, where she launched and executed a national Latino Community Initiative, building a business unit within the organization that worked across multiple business functions. Her work has consistently aimed at providing resources and breaking barriers for the Latino community in the financial sector.

Born in El Salvador and raised in Greater Los Angeles, Ms. Montoya holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration with an emphasis on Management from California State University, Los Angeles. Her dedication to community service is evident from her founding of a non-profit organization in 1996 and her active participation on various boards, including St. Francis Center and the Catholic Big Brother Big Sister LA. She is an alumna of the prestigious Multicultural Global Women Executive Leadership Program at USC and has obtained a certification in Negotiation from San Diego State University.

Recognized as a Latina of Influence by Hispanic Magazine in 2019, Ms. Montoya is a sought-after keynote speaker and continues to inspire and lead by example. She is set to complete her MS in Organizational Psychology by the end of 2024, aiming to further enhance her leadership skills and create impactful, collaborative work environments.

Executive Advisor

Alma Myers is a dedicated Private Client Advisor with BMO’s Wealth Management Group, serving high net worth clients in the Las Vegas/OC Market. With over 16 years of experience in the financial services industry, Alma has excelled in building strong client relationships through her team-based approach to wealth management. 

At BMO, Alma’s focus is on providing comprehensive wealth management strategies to her clients. She specializes in multi-generational financial planning, retirement and investment advisory solutions, life and long-term care insurance, as well as estate and wealth transition planning. Alma’s expertise and dedication ensure that her clients receive personalized and effective guidance in navigating the complexities of their financial journeys.

Alma is deeply committed to making a positive impact in the Latino and women communities. She actively engages in initiatives and organizations that empower women and promote financial freedom. Through her involvement, Alma seeks to uplift and inspire women to take control of their financial futures. Recognizing the importance of financial independence, Alma is passionate about equipping women with the knowledge and tools they need to achieve financial freedom. She believes that empowering women economically not only enhances their own lives but also has a ripple effect on their families and communities. 

In addition to her work within the women community, Alma is also committed to uplifting the Latino community. She recognizes the unique challenges and opportunities that this community faces and strives to provide guidance and resources to help individuals achieve financial success. Alma actively participates in community outreach programs, educational seminars, and mentoring initiatives tailored specifically to the needs of the Latino community. 

In addition to her love for travel, Alma finds joy in various other activities that enrich her life. She is an avid sports enthusiast and actively participates in playing tennis and golf. These sports not only keep her physically active but also provide her with an opportunity to challenge herself and foster a competitive spirit. These activities not only provide her with leisure and relaxation but also contribute to her personal growth and well-being.


Regina Brown Wilson is a media entrepreneur and committed advocate for African American-owned news outlets across California.

Her support for Black-owned publishers is centered on increasing their participation in the state’s media economy. A vocal champion of independent and local journalism, Wilson is also an important co-convener — in partnership with Ethnic Media Services — of Black, Latino, Asian, Pacific Islander and Native American owned news publishers in California.

Since 2012, Wilson has served as Executive Director of California Black Media (CBM), a non-profit started by her father, Hardy Brown, publisher emeritus of the Black Voice News in Riverside. CBM is a network of over 30 print, digital, radio and streaming news organizations serving African American communities across the state.

At California Black Media, she has executed several public information campaigns focused on a range of issues from the COVID-19 pandemic to voter awareness and emergency preparedness. The organization has also syndicated thousands of news articles about California State policy, politics, and governmental affairs to CBM partner publishers, expanding the offering of news stories they provide their audiences and allowing them to focus resources on local news coverage.

During the pandemic, CBM led a multi-million-dollar public service information campaign with a network of 35 Black churches across California to promote a COVID-19 testing program.

In 2021, CBM partnered with California’s Secretary of State to increase participation in the gubernatorial recall election, breaking convention by including a diverse spectrum of media outlets serving all demographics of people across the state.

Wilson has held numerous official and advisory roles in state government. Previously, she led engagement of underrepresented minority groups at the State Board of Education and served in Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Office of Planning and Research as Statewide Education & Community Outreach manager.

As an advocate for independent, local and Black news outlets, Wilson was appointed a commissioner for the 2020 Census Complete Count Committee and helped secure an historic investment of over $50 million with a significant inclusion of those funds for ethnic media.

Previously, Wilson led efforts to ensure African American media outlets participated in the marketing campaign for California Community Colleges, state-funded Opioid treatment centers, and Covered California, the Golden State’s official health exchange marketplace.

In 2019, Wilson oversaw the creation of resource guide sponsored by the California Community Reinvestment Grant Program for Latino and Black Media. The guide provided information on re-entry and rehabilitation resources for families in Alameda and San Francisco counties impacted by the war on drugs.

Wilson is a member of the African American Empowerment Council of California, Sacramento NAACP, and serves as a member of Gov. Gavin Newsom’s Minority Owned Small Business Task Force under the Government Operations Agency.


Karla Gonzalez is currently a Business Consultant for the Inland Empire Small Business Development Center (IESBDC). She provides counseling and training services to businesses throughout the Inland Empire. Karla worked for more than five years with the Inland Empire Minority Business Enterprise, a part of the U.S. Department of Commerce where she counseled business owners on the managerial and technical aspects of expanding their businesses, as well as the importance of sound financial management. She has a successful track record in government procurement and job creation. Karla has over 10 years’ experience in business management, government certifications, business administration, project management, budget/accounting, customer service, event planning, strategic planning, and real estate. Karla holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business & Management along with a Master’s in Business Administration with an emphasis in Finance from the University of Redlands. Karla is fluent in English and Spanish.


Richard Sandoval is a distinguished figure in the world of Hispanic media and events. As the driving force behind Hispanic Lifestyle, he has dedicated his career to highlighting the achievements of Hispanic professionals, entrepreneurs, leaders, and organizations. This biography delves into his journey, emphasizing his commitment to celebrating Hispanic excellence through digital media content and inspiring events.

Throughout his career, Mr. Sandoval has produced over 200 events that shine a spotlight on the accomplishments and contributions of a wide range of individuals and organizations. These events provide a platform to celebrate and honor the achievements of business owners, community leaders, elected officials, entertainers, and non-profit, community-based organizations.

Additionally, Hispanic Lifestyle’s digital media content serves as an essential resource for reaching a broad audience and sharing stories of success, resilience, and community engagement. It has become a valuable tool for connecting people, building bridges, and inspiring the community to take positive actions. Hispanic Lifestyle’s impact has attracted a diverse array of clients and collaborators. Wells Fargo, Goya Foods, Bank of America, Southwest Airlines, New York Life, Chase Bank, Coca Cola, Southern California Edison, Citi Bank, Riverside County, Pepsi, City National Bank, Allstate, Southern California Gas Company, Combined Insurance, AmPac Business Capital, County of San Bernardino, Disneyland, and numerous business organizations have all been part of this collective effort to celebrate and empower the Hispanic community.